Economics course

Economics course
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In this educational program focused on business economics, a comprehensive perspective of the company is offered by exploring its functional areas, which encompass organization, finance, production and marketing. The evaluation of the value of a company is closely linked to the quantity of goods or services generated, as well as its relationship with the added value produced.

This free access course is developed and presented by the Carlos III University of Madrid. Throughout the program, we examine how the company constitutes the fundamental economic actor in our society, generating economic value that contributes to improving the quality of life of society as a whole.

Who is this business economics course for?

This course is designed for students, teachers, professionals and enthusiasts in the field of business economics who seek to acquire practical skills to apply in their work. It is especially beneficial for those working or studying in areas related to business sciences or economics.

No prior technical knowledge is required to participate in this course, it is only necessary to have a device with an Internet connection to access all the content, taught virtually.

What knowledge will you acquire in this business economics course?
The personalized course evaluation consists of tests that are carried out after each lesson, allowing participants to evaluate their progress. 1The course comprises five lessons in which students will address topics related to business economics.

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The educational material provided seeks to transmit knowledge in a clear and concise manner. In addition to written materials such as syllabi and outlines, short explanatory videos are included in each lesson to review key concepts.

Exploring the World of Economics Courses

Topics covered throughout the course include:

1. Understand the meaning of the different functional areas.
2. Recognize the complementarity between the various areas.
3. Get familiar with PERT analysis.
4. Understand the concept of profitability and know how to calculate and interpret business profitability.
5. Know the differences between mass production systems and flexible production.

Access to the business economics course

You can access the business economics course completely free through the Carlos III University of Madrid. Although an academic certificate is not issued upon completion, you will have significantly improved your knowledge and skills in the field of business economics.

ge and skills in the field of business economics.



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