Microeconomics Course

Microeconomics Course
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This microeconomics course will provide you with the essential knowledge to analyze the economic behavior of individual actors, such as consumers, companies, workers and investors, as well as their interactions in the markets.

What you will learn:
During this course, you will acquire the ability to make informed decisions on production issues, considering costs, profits, average changes, income and the different types of competition present in the market.

Specifically, the course will allow you to:

1. Understand the principles of supply, demand and market equilibrium.
2. Familiarize yourself with the concepts of price and supply elasticity.
3. Apply the fundamentals of consumer and producer surplus, in the context of international trade.
4. Use consumer theory to make decisions related to production and profits.
5. Analyze the different types of competition that may arise in the market.
6. Examine the influence of governments and States on market dynamics.

Who is it addressed to?
This microeconomics course is designed for anyone interested in understanding the productive situation of a company, through the analysis of supply and demand dynamics.

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Course details:

- Estimated duration: 6 weeks
- Estimated time per week: 1-2 hours
- Teaching method: Video classes and specific readings
- Certification: Diploma in Microeconomic Analysis, awarded by Edutin Academy USA

Course program:

1. Unit 1: Supply, demand and market equilibrium
2. Unit 2: Elasticity
3. Unit 3: Consumer and producer surplus and international trade
4. Unit 4: Consumer theory and production and profit decisions
5. Unit 5: Competition and typology
6. Unit 6: The factor market, failures and role of governments

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Upon completing the Microeconomics Course, you will receive a educational certificate that supports your new knowledge and skills. This certificate is valid internationally and can be shared on LinkedIn, included in your printed resume or in other documents. Obtain recognition of your learning through graded assignments and request academic advice to improve your certification process.

Diploma in Microeconomic Analysis

- Duration: 220 certifiable hours
- At the end of the course, you will obtain a certificate of studies that will demonstrate your achievements in microeconomic analysis.