Have ever heard about the blockchain?

Have ever heard about the blockchain?
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Have ever heard about the blockchain?: It is a technology that is used in more and more sectors, it is a so-called disruptive technology, you will find it in the area of logistics, banking, cryptocurrencies, in voting systems.

It's also gaining more notoriety, because it's true that it's in more and more sectors around us, and it's just a small part.

The Blockchain, or blockchain technology, is an advanced database formed by files, and these files are grouped in a consecutive chain, which can be of different sizes.

The blockchain

To put it simply, it can be imagined as a ring binder in which sheets are stored containing annotations that are filled in by the participants.

Only once these sheets are filled in, no information can be modified or deleted from them, each annotation made by the participants is called a transaction, this transaction or transactions can be economic amounts, as well as the dates of the transactions.

Following the analogy we can say that each sheet that is filed in the file cabinet would be a block of data, it would be similar to a block to a sheet of annotations in the file cabinet. When we roughage more than one block, the chain is generated, it is a chain of blocks that is incremented and stored in chronological order.

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  • Security of information and data validation processes.
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  • Security of information and data validation processes.

    The security and bravery of this system lies in the encryption of transactions and data blocks to provide them with confidentiality and integrity through authentication and non-repudiation of the content.

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    Each block of data that is generated, carries in its inside the Hash of its content together with the content of the shares themselves, but also carries the Hash of the previous data, thus establishing a relationship between them and between the blocks of the chain.

    The Has, among other things, will give integrity to the blocks to detect if they have been manipulated or not, and will also confirm the front block to see if it really is the one that goes before chronologically.

    If a block contains an incorrect Hash and does not agree or does not correctly reference the Hash of the front block, it cannot enter the chain, so as you can see, this process provides some security to this technology.

    Another of the things that offers and provides security to the blockchain is that the entire chain that is growing as well as the data blocks, are distributed shared publicly or privately and replicated in tasks nodes.

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    That is, as the data blocks grow along with the transactions in the chain, these are replicated down to the smallest detail immediately in many other thousands or millions in some cases of systems, servers, distributed computers participating in this service.

    Therefore, these systems where the blockchains reside, child nodes and these nodes in turn will validate whether or not roughage or not a blunder in the transaction log.

    Have you ever heard of a club?

    • Blockchain technology is changing the way we all use, share and store data. Over the years, the post has received a lot of attention and its popularity seems to be lacking. If you've never heard of this technology, here's an explanation of what it is, its various applications, how it works, and why it's important to understand it.
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    An introduction to blockchain technology

    Blockchain technology refers to a particular way of storing and sharing information on a network. This form of data storage is resistant to tampering and is primarily used as a form of computer security. This form of storage was originally created for the Bitcoin digital currency, but has spread to many other applications.

    In its simplest form, a technical block is a series of interconnected data, each data containing information from previous data. With every point connected and secured within the enclosure, it is impossible to derive meaning from it. Thanks to this security network, not only is the data kept in the block, but it also allows it to be shared securely between users.

    How does blockchain work?

    Blockchain technology works through a process called "mining".

    This implies that users who use the network to transfer or store data must confirm that each information stored is correct.

    x This confirmation is called a "block", and each block of information succeeds to form a chain, each block being secured by cryptography.

    x This means that the information in each block is secure and is a secure part of the network where users can share and store information.

    Users who perform this mining are called miners. Their job is to verify and confirm the data on the block and ensure that all stored data is true and uncorrupted. This is for miners to review and confirm information to keep block information true and secure. If there is a problem or if the information is incorrect, minors are notified and asked to verify the information. This means that all data stored in the blockchain is very secure.

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    blockchain apps

    Blockchain technology has many applications, in addition to digital currency. These applications include file storage and electronic transactions. One of the most common uses of the blockchain is to perform foreign exchange transactions. Although the blockchain is used for the exchange of money, it is also used for the exchange of goods and services.

    With interference, it is also possible to finish things at high speed. This means that the transaction settlement process is much faster than banking transactions because it removes the middle barrier. This feature facilitates the transfer of goods, services or any type of information exchange in a secure manner.

    Additionally, blockchain can also be used to control the flow of goods and facilitate the purchase, storage, and distribution of goods and services. This is usually done through a distributed network based on blockchain technology. This means that more people are connected to the same blockchain, allowing faster communication between users and improving the efficiency of the process.

    Why is it important to know the block?

    It is important to understand that blockchain plays a role in traditional computer systems. It enabled users to share data securely and at a much higher speed. The transparency of blockchain technology also means that participants in the network can verify the information contained in the blockchain in real time, which contributes to trust between users. This means users can save time and money by keeping things secure and transparent, while having the peace of mind of knowing their data is secure.


    In recent times, blockchain has become an important tool for improving computer system security and information transparency. It is a new way to store and share information, allowing users to share information securely and at a much higher speed. It is a new technology that allows users to perform various tasks, ranging from exchanging currencies to purchasing, storing and distributing


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