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Some of the best forex brokers

Some of the best forex brokers
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Attention because more than 200 brokers on average every year disappear with the money of their clients, the figures that are lost child practically incalculable, that’s why today we will talk about the best and safest specialists that exist.



To start with the best merchant of this small list, which for those who do not know Darwinex is a specialist regulated by the FCA, which was founded in 2012 in England.


The minimum deposit to open an account in Darwinex is $500 and regarding the spread previously period one of their weak points, but in this last year they have improved significantly becoming one of the best representatives in this aspect.


But its real problem is in terms of leverage, since, due to its strict regulation, the maximum leverage that this dealer can offer us is 1 to 30.


However, the great advantage of Darwinex and the reason why it has been chosen as the best by many users, is that, if you are still a novice dealer who is not yet experienced enough to operate in the markets, you can let more experienced merchants who also use this broker operate for you by giving them part of your capital for them to invest.

This is excellent because if you are just starting out in this world of finance you can make a profit, while at the same time learning and practicing, taking the pressure out of trading the markets.


Worldwide prime


Secondly we have the merchant worldwide prime, perhaps the most transparent ECN specialist we have seen, regulated by the ASIC of Australia, we can open an account with only 200 dollars.

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As for its maximum leverage is from 1 to 200, however, the real reason that makes this merchant so particular is that they show something they call receipts, these receipts are child charts that contain all the information of the trades we make.

Some of the most relevant things is that we can see the name of the liquidity provider which can be a bank or investment fund that received our sell order.


Now, if you are a novice merchant, this may not seem like a big deal, but for more experienced dealers, this is like a dream come true because this is the only representative in the world that does it and it is excellent because with this we confirm that our operations go to the genuine market, making it the most transparent ECN agent.




This merchant is regulated by the FCA, which is the regulatory body in England, regarding the deposit, you can open an account with only 100 dollars.

For its maximum leverage it has a ratio of 1 to 500, as for its spreads one of the best things about this merchant is that its levels are quite small, exactly 1 to 3 in standard market conditions.